Dr. Brenda Bonnett, veterinarian and epidemiologist, formerly with the University of Guelph in Canada has been collaborating with the Swedish Kennel Club and Agria Pet Insurance producing statistics on health problems in dogs and horses. Her work is directly applicable to veterinarians and animal owners, defining and addressing common issues. Dr. Bonnett has recently been involved in various international conferences on the challenges facing the purebred dog community, the veterinary profession and the animal welfare community.

Agria Animal Insurance, has, for the 120 years of its existence, been active in understanding and promoting the health and welfare of companion animals through partnerships with animal and veterinary organizations, university researchers and with animal owners, handlers and breeders. Agria data on both health care and life insurance claims have been used for numerous descriptive and analytic research studies on dogs, cats and horses that have been published in refereed journals.

The objective of this presentation is to describe the health and longevity of dogs based on the insurance data. We will look at age patterns of disease, differences between species, breeds and genders, causes of health problems and death and changes over time. The findings will be viewed in the context of Human Animal Interactions. Individual and societal changes in attitudes have impacted the utilisation of veterinary care, and this is reflected in the data.

Torsdag 4/10 fra 18:30 – 21:30, Vingsted Hotel & konferencecenter, Vingsted Skovvej 2, 7182 Bredsten.

Der vil blive serveret sandwich og lidt at drikke.

Sprog: Engelsk

Tilmelding via mail til info@agriabreedersclub.dk senest 12/10. Begrænset antal pladser, fortrinsret for medlemmer af Agria Breeders Club.

For mere information kontakt Lotte Evers, ansvarlig for Agria Breeders Club, Agria Dyreforsikring på 70 10 10 65 eller info@agriabreedersclub.dk.

Sarah Sjølin Lilaa - Cocker spaniel opdrætter
"Alle seriøse opdrættere skylder sig selv og deres race at høre Brenda Bonnet levende og entusiastisk fortælle om Agria's omfattende statistiske materiale, som udgangspunkt for fremtidige avlsstrategier".